Friday, December 20, 2013

Mixed Media Project

I showed amusement by doing things involving soccer which I find amusing. And I showed variety by using photo transfers, magazig cutouts, tisue paper, and paint. I chose all soccer things and made it unified by putting things on to of other things. I have never really used mixed media before so I was not very experienced with it. Visual journaling helped my place my tisue paper and do photo transfering. Some challenges I had where trying to make it look unified and flow. I overcame that by placing things on top of others and used other medias to help me. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Non-traditional portraits

I chose to choose a picture of my dog because I love her. When I was brainstorming I didnt really think anout tic tacs until a few days before we started. The material I chose made it look textural amd that is important because it makes it look alot better. I took risk by making it really big with how small the tic tacs were. I faced challenges by tic tacs not fitting and having to put them on top of other ones. It impacted the look of it tao make it more detailed and the feel of it because tic tacs are round. Yes because Bailey loves tic tacs.